“During these unprecedented times, now more than ever, Washington County needs strong, experienced leadership. I look forward to continuing to provide that direction to the county board.


The COVID-19 crisis has financially devastated our community: people are out of work, businesses shut down, and schools closed. Even as we begin to reopen, we’ll be feeling the impacts for months and years to come.


I am committed to providing our citizens economic relief by reducing property taxes, while still providing the core and essential services that residents need. I will continue to fight to make sure your hard-earned tax dollars are well spent.”


I have established myself as a strong and creative voice for fiscal responsibility, sound investments, and leadership. Washington County has the 2nd lowest tax rate in the metro and the highest bond ratings by both Standard & Poor’s (AAA) and Moody's (Aaa).


During my time in office I have forged positive relationships with local, state and federal leaders, building consensus and gaining support for key projects, including the proposed Highway 36/Manning interchange, St. Croix River Crossing, Brown’s Creek Trail, and the purchase of the 15-acre Aiple Property for a new shoreline park on the St. Croix.


It is an honor to serve the residents of District 3. Working together we can meet the challenges of these demanding times and continue to make Washington County one of the best places to live, work and play."

   – Gary Kriesel